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About Us

You work hard, you play hard, you deserve to relax and let your body re-energize. Treat yourself to the best quality facial and skin care leaving you feeling renewed, and relaxed after a visit to DermaFlo Essential Skin Care.

Expert practitioners provide clear and realistic goals serving the best interest of the client. “I get to help people feel better about themselves,” says owner Florinda certified medical aesthetician. “The skin is an integral part of the human body and needs attention. It is the only organ that can be treated and improved with topical antioxidants. Facials are as necessary as getting your teeth cleaned".

Experience an enhanced sense of wellbeing through balance and awareness. We incorporate 100% pure-essential oil in all our facial treatments for those who enjoy aromatherapy (to revitalize, energize, relax, and helps you achieve a general sense of well-being) free of charge and Reiki techniques are also used for stress reduction and relaxation.

At DermaFlo Essential Skin Care, we are committed to ongoing education and to providing clients with the most accurate information possible about all our available treatments.

Florinda is a certified medical aesthician and a Reiki Master. Her gentle hands, combined with her knowledge, experience and talent help each client achieve outstanding results. Using her skills she customizes each treatment to the client's unique skin qualities and addresses their specific skin concerns and goals and guides them to a thorough skin care routine.

She feels strongly that skin care is not just about beauty but is an integral part of self-care that should be addressed through all the stages of life for both women and men.

As for her Reiki practice, Florinda says, “Reiki facilitates healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is very rewarding to help my clients feel better about themselves from the inside out. All my facial treatments are very holistic.”